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Day 3: Expert placement of equipment

Today’s work took about 2 1/2 hours. Because the equipment was out of the box, we spent the time placing desks, chairs, camera, lights, and other materials. We also tested the video and audio.

The LinkedIn Learning team is based in Carpinteria, CA, while I’m in Boston. We’re separated by 3000 miles and 3 time zones. I moved the equipment and placed it and positioned it as they described. While setting this up, we had 3 cameras showing the scene. Two were the built-in webcams on the two computers (one mine, one theirs). The third camera was the DSLR itself, showing through the camera’s filming software.

Teleprompter, lights, desk, chair, and screen.
Looking from the corner of the room, you may see the light and camera placements. We've set off the window with a privacy screen.
Looking at the set from the top of the teleprompter, looking at the desk and chair.
Photo taken near the top of the teleprompter, showing the set's lighting and placement.
Sitting in the set chair, looking at the teleprompter.
Sitting in the set chair, looking towards the teleprompter and the computer controlling the camera and audio. The blue blanket thrown over an empty clothes rack behind the teleprompter is acting as a sound baffle.
Jen Kramer sitting in the set chair.
One frame of the test video. I'm sitting in the set chair and looking at the camera.
Jen Kramer @jen4web