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Presentation: 5 best steps to effective planning for your no-code website or app

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How often do you get distracted by the latest no-code tool? Do you start with technology first, solving problems later? Or do you start with a problem but give up quickly, because you just can’t figure out the ““perfect”” solution with so many choices out there?

Based on my Harvard course and book, I’ll walk you through how to define goals, audience, features and functionality, data flow, and brand to create an executable outline of work for your next project, complete with a clear outline and worksheets. With this plan in place, you’ll gain more confidence than ever in launching your next project and you’ll feel empowered to build more effectively!

Jen Kramer (she/her), HTML, CSS, and no-code training for all, Jen Kramer has been teaching & practicing web design for over 20 years. Formerly an award-winning Harvard lecturer, she’s currently a freelance no-code, HTML, and CSS educator. She has also created over 60 courses for LinkedIn Learning, Frontend Masters, and more.

Presented at Webflow’s No-Code Conference 2021, November 17, 2021.

Jen Kramer @jen4web