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Expand your HTML game in 30 days.

There’s a world beyond < p >, < a >, and < div >

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What is 30 Days of HTML?

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Expand your HTML repertoire, including element names, required and common attributes, example code, and links to more learning.

It starts April 1, 2021.

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Who is this for?

This challenge is designed for those already familiar with HTML syntax but limited in their tag choices.

We cover the 95% of HTML that has a use on many of your web pages, but you don’t know it exists. No paragraphs, lists, and headings here.

But I don’t know HTML… yet

If you want to learn HTML from nothing, I recommend [my free bootcamp at Frontend Masters] ( If you’ve taken the bootcamp already, you will find this series a great next step in developing frontend web development skills.

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