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Upcoming Frontend Masters workshops in August and October

I have planned my first trip in over a year, pending my full vaccination… which looks increasingly likely!

I’m headed to Minneapolis to give two workshops with Frontend Masters.

August 18-19: [Responsive Web Design with Flexbox & CSS Grid, v2] (
All things responsive design covered here, including Flexbox, Grid, responsive image approaches and solutions, grid systems, and plenty of exercises and challenges along the way. This updates the original course recorded in 2017 with lots of new information, approaches, and CSS properties. As always, there’s a healthy dose of HTML semantics and CSS selectors and specificity along the way.

October 14: [HTML Semantics and CSS Selectors] (
If you’re not fully using all three languages on the front end – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – you’re missing out on opportunities to make pages more accessible, more compact, and more understandable to humans and robots.

Unfortunately, most of today’s education focuses solely on JavaScript, with a mere nod to HTML and CSS. The result is developer burnout, too much churn in frontend web development, and an obsession with the latest hottest framework. Twitter is rife with developers trashing HTML and CSS, wanting to turn the web into an exclusive JavaScript paradise.

What is most of this animosity based in? A fundamental non-understanding of HTML and CSS. This workshop focuses on all of those pieces you missed at bootcamp back in the day. How do we mark up content semantically? How can we leverage selectors to select what’s in front of us, using classes as a last resort? Finally, participate in the No-Class Challenge: Styling a web page using semantic markup and without the use of classes.

Jen Kramer @jen4web