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Software is Scholarship

[Software is Scholarship] (

By transforming the way that knowledge is discovered and shared, software has the ability to revolutionize the way scholars communicate their ideas. This article explains how software applications enable the highest forms of scholarship and applies those lessons to law.

Interactive software applications can enhance research agendas in the humanities and social sciences by making traditional, prose scholarship more thorough, persuasive, and analytically precise. Due to recent innovations, developing software for scholarly purposes is accessible to those that work in the humanities. Platforms for developing software have grown so sophisticated that they no longer require creators to write code to develop powerful, data rich, and well-designed interactive applications.

Houman B. Shadab

Dr. Shadab, a law professor, is using to create his applications for scholarly research and communicating results. This is very far ahead of academia, and it’s a pleasure to see this happening.

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