Jen Kramer: HTML, CSS, No-Code Technology.

So why teach?

I teach because I want to make the web a better place.

I want everyone to have a voice.

I don’t want anyone kept out by gatekeepers.

When I started in this industry, the gatekeepers were understanding files and folders, FTP, and syntax errors.

Those gatekeepers are still around, but there’s much more now: command lines; configuring the computer with more complicated technology to get around files, folders, and FTP; new kinds of syntax errors. Tech bros. Smugness. Dismissiveness of anyone not white, male, and no more than 33 years old. A belief that technology must be complicated and hurt to work.

Also: “Really? You’ve never heard of XYZ technology?” Deliver this line with a slight air of smugness and superiority. Follow that with, “I’d be happy to sit down with you and walk you through it,” again delivered in a very slightly condescending way, implying that you cannot figure out this information on your own and thank goodness there’s someone to help you.

So, time for the guide to help the other guides. Let’s build a list of teaching tips.

Jen Kramer @jen4web