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Redesigning with and Airtable

My [current website] ( is a total embarrassment.

I’ve needed to change it for years. In fact, it’s been on my whiteboard “things to do” for five years.

As I move into the world of no-code, I’m redesigning my site with many different no-code platforms. I’ll be trying out different platforms and putting together some kind of website over the next several weeks.

[Read more about the project] (


Today’s Lovely Contestants

I’ve started with [] ( and [Airtable] ( because I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Softr lately. As for Airtable, I already had a base available that I need to integrate into my site better.


Airtable base

Earlier this year, I created a [single video on Airtable for LinkedIn Learning] ( It’s a base of currently active video courses I’ve created for different publishers.

Base: Airtable’s word for “database.” I guess database is too scary.

The base, as it currently exists, is [public and available for viewing] (

I have this integrated on my current website via iframe. Again, easy, low maintenance, but there’s more that can be done with Airtable.



Feels very much like Squarespace, but with fewer design features, less heavy lifting, and more integration with other tools.

There are a few templates to choose from, but these are just assemblages of blocks with a certain theme. These templates seem to drive content in the no-code space. Probably another topic for another rant sometime… this is not exclusively a Softr thing.

Choose from a series of “blocks” with fixed layouts to assemble the page. Populate with data. Limited ability for changes to colors, fonts, layouts.


The Big Reveal

[My Softr/Airtable website] (

Money spent: $0 (free version of Airtable, free version of Softr)

Jen Kramer @jen4web