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There's an awful lot of code in no-code

Code -> no code:

  • Authenticated -> logged in
  • Margin -> spacing outside
  • Padding -> spacing inside
  • Typography -> Fonts (use Word terminology)

It’s more than database -> collection/base/etc.

There’s a pile of 20-somethings building no-code tools without realizing that many of these problems have been solved before. We’ve all seen the movie already.

In 2005, we had a battle between WordPress and Joomla. WordPress won. They had a great user interface. They tested it carefully and made sure it was “intuitive.”

Today, no-code tools are “intuitive and easy to use” for the people who build them, or the people who are invested in learning them. They are not easy to pick up. User testing would show that these tools are still pretty uniformly horrible.

No-code isn’t getting rid of coding syntax, but keeping all of the names, labels, and requirements of coding.

You have to take it a step further. If I still have to know how to think about an application, how to build it, where the data is going, which box is the right one to apply the class, then you haven’t really solved my no-code problems.

Start with terminology. Stop thinking like a coder.

Jen Kramer @jen4web