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As low-code and no-code approaches rise, developers brace for new challenges

[‘People rapidly create things, rapidly deploy things and rapidly regret things. Each subsequent generation of technology makes it easier to build bad solutions fast.'] (

One of the things that bothers me about no-code approaches is [technical debt] (

It’s 1996 in the No-Code Universe. As the web was in 1996, the No-Code Universe is at the phase where the tools are exploding, the money flows like kegs of beer at a frat party, and new companies are created, get bought, and go under every day.

We will come out with some winners, but as we should have learned from the web, there will be far more losers than winners. The consolidation will be significant. Your data will slosh around all over Silicon Valley, and you may not even realize it’s happening.

Be sure you know how to get your data out of a system before you commit your business to running on it as a platform.

Jen Kramer @jen4web